Gezonde longen van levensbelang

Een campagne om zowel alle stakeholders als het grote publiek op de hoogte te brengen van de positionering en naamswijziging van het Astma Fonds naar Longfonds.
Onze acteurs… echte longpatiënten, doktoren en vrijwilligers. Echte ambassadeurs die we dankzij de vriendelijke stopmotion stijl allen zo comfortabel mogelijk mee konden laten doen.

Om medewerkers te informeren en te enthousiasmeren kreeg iedereen een gepersonaliseerd boek vol informatie over de nieuwe naam, merkpropositie en een USB sleutel met daarop de campagne.

Iedereen eerlijke kansen (Everybody fair chances)

This case involded combining two charities together. Developing a new name and brand identity which had to be introduced to the public. The magenta brackets were used as a symbol of inclusion. With a joyfull campaign the HandicapNl was presented to the public. The best evidence the campaing was succesfull was the commercial nomination for the ‘Gouden Loeki’.

Achter elk Erkend Goed Doel staat CBF

(Behind every acknowledged Charity stands, CBF)
This case involved repositioning CBF. The current logo was criminally outdated and needed a fresh new look in all its communication. The logo, a diamond shaped eye, plays a big part in the campaign. It overlooks and participates in the world of charity and with its appearance gives off a friendly and open vibe. The campaing first started by introducing it to all employees. Second all stakeholders were informed and presented with a toolkit to implement the new brand material where needed. And last but not least a tv campaing was launced to introduce the repositioning nation wide.

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