A.k.a. Bé

Guilty! For being an Art director with a passion for advertising, communications, and design. I made it my mission statement to create with care and have a proven track record of delivering innovative and effective campaigns for a variety of clients. 
My core strengths include the ability to be flexible, positive, and communicate effectively within diverse business cultures and teams. With my experience in a small agency where I have had the opportunity to guide many different projects, I am confident in my ability to contribute value to a company, large or small, in need of expertise in design and communications. I am seeking a challenging role to further develop my career, achieve great results, contribute to the team, and learn from those around me.

Leisure skills:

Painting helps me explore my creative freedom and brings me much enjoyment. Salsa and Bachata help keeping me balanced. I love the outdoors and keep myself fit rock climbing, running and scuba diving (completed NOB advanced open water and rescue diver. With my motorbike I like to escape once in a while for a long trip.



Native languages: Dutch and French
Fluent in English (Performed and succeeded IELTS test for the application permanent residency Australia.


Aided and abetted creative projects for: 

Longfonds voorheen AstmaFonds
CBF (Centraal Bureau Filantropie)
Cosun Beet Company
Duynie Group
Fonds Psychische Gezondheid
Friet van de Tijger
GGD Nederland
Han University
Hartog Wonen
Kring-apotheek (Boots)
Osteoporose Vereniging
Scildon (voorheen Legal & General)
Suiker Unie
St. Lezen
Solutions Radio
Van Gilse Suiker
Wereld Kanker Onderzoek Fonds
Wageningen university & research

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